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Reliable Performance when you need it

If your application falls outside of the standard products in brand name catalogues, Revolvo can help. It may be the size, performance or the environment of the application, all of these can be satisfied by Revolvo engineers and designers.

Your need may be as simple as a keyway cut in the bearing bore or an extended inner ring, if you're struggling with complex flanges and mounting details or just a physically larger bearing, we can help in a timescale you will appreciate.

Size; key to the load carrying capacity (both in terms of the size and number of rolling elements), Revolvo can manufacture in both inch and metric sizes ranging from 15mm bore to over 1500mm outside diameter, adding any special features and mounting requirements such as flanges and raceway modifications along the way.

Performance; where speed and/or loading fall outside of ISO specifications we can call on expertise in cage design, rolling element and raceway material selections, surface finishes and heat treatments to deliver the speeds and load capacity you need.

Environment; talking to a specialist about your bearings' operating conditions can make all the difference, if you're constrained by temperatures either high or low, strong electrical currents or marginal lubrication conditions, get support from Revolvo to resolve the problem.

Temperature, both high and low, may require specialist materials and tolerances or coatings applied.

Contamination, years of experience with bearings and links with the industries leading tribologists combined with our own in-house ERIKS Sealing Technology Division sets Revolvo apart. Add to this special coating and housing arrangements and no matter how harsh the environment or how demanding the application, we can deliver a solution that will perform.

Vibration; only our experience across a broad spectrum of applications allow us to create designs that can tolerate excessive vibrations that would normally lead to loss of performance or catastrophic failure. We work with tolerance levels, cage design and material selection to arrive at a long term solution.